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Project funded by the British Academy: The Times of a Just Transition

Mar 20, 2023

Since January 2023, Dr. Michel Alhadeff-Jones (TRC Lab) is a member of the Global Convening Programme "The Times of  Just Transition" funded by the British Academy, in partnership with the University fo Bristol (UK). The aim of this interdisciplinary programme is to explore the role of temporal frames in enabling and impeding democratic and equitable transitions towards sustainable futures.

This programme brings together scholars from six continents and 14 disciplines to transform our understanding of the role of time and timing in producing justice and injustice in sustainability transitions.

Working in highly diverse local sustainability struggles relating to land, cities, identities and the imagination - they explore how temporal frames and narratives are being (mis)used to define climate problems and solutions, how timing mechanisms prioritise, coordinate and exclude different actors and ways of life, how different rhythms of life are being...

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Research Symposium Series - Spaces, Times & the Rhythms of Adult Education

Dec 02, 2022

Spaces, Times & the Rhythms of Adult Education is a new research symposium series hosted by Dr. Michel Alhadeff-Jones, Dr. Fadia Dakka, and Dr. Gaia Del Negro at the Sunkhronos Institute, running from January to June 2023 online. Eleven researchers from seven countries (Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Switzerland, United Kingdom) will share and discuss with the audience their research and experiences about spatial, temporal and rhythmic dimensions in education. The series aims at gathering a community of researchers, graduate students and practitioners from different linguistic, cultural and geographic areas, to join in an academic and practice-based conversation. Presentations will be made either in English or French, with live transcripts. The series will thus contribute to the advance of the TRC Lab agenda of research and foster the study of rhythmic intelligence and its modalities of development.

Registration is free and open to everyone at this link: ...

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Rhythmic intelligence: A new platform for the TRC Lab

Feb 22, 2021

Le Laboratoire Temporalités, Rythmes & Complexité (TRC Lab) dispose désormais d'une nouvelle plateforme bilingue (FR/EN)( présentant un espace de collaboration dédié à l’étude de l’intelligence rythmique et des méthodes utilisées pour développer, les expériences, les connaissances et les compétences auxquelles elle renvoie.

Comment apprend-on à réguler les flux qui animent nos vies? Cette question est au coeur du programme de recherche que poursuit le Laboratoire Temporalités, Rythmes et Complexité, dirigé par le Dr. Michel Alhadeff-Jones. Elle repose sur le postulat selon lequel chacun d’entre nous développe tout au long de sa vie une capacité à piloter ses propres transformations et les manières dont elles évoluent au fil du temps.


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Upcoming International symposium on rhythm (May 29, 2019)

Apr 06, 2019

Chasing Rhythm: Encounters at the Edge of Academic and Epistemological Traditions.

International Symposium on Rhythm

Margaret St. Lecture room, School of Art, Birmingham City University, Birmingham UK
29 May 2019 - 9am-5pm


This Symposium acknowledges, records and responds to a period of revived interest in the philosophical understandings and methodological affordances of the category of rhythm across a range of subjects and disciplines.

The history of the study of rhythm is in itself denoted by a rhythmic cadence, as historian of rhythm, philosopher and social theorist Pascal Michon observes (2016). Michon identifies three fundamental periods of rhythmic renaissance: a first one, in ancient times, coinciding with the so called Hellenization of culture, characterised by a surge in written communication...

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