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Spaces & Times of Transitions - STREAM Network 2024 Research Symposium Series

Dec 18, 2023

The Sunkhronos Institute is proud to support the upcoming ESREA STREAM Network 2024 Research Symposium Series. This series of webinars will focus on the theme of transitions.

In this first STREAM Network webinars series, Michel Alhadeff-Jones, Fadia Dakka and Sabine Schmidt-Lauff, invite scholars from a broad range of disciplines to address transitional phenomena by mobilizing the conceptual nuance and richness encapsulated in related notions, such as “liminality”, "life course", “transgression”, "professional development", “virtualization”, “hybridity” and “dissipation”. These, in turn, will serve as entry points to articulate, debate and question how individuals and communities experience transitions. The seminars will be guided by (but not limited to) questions such as:

• How do we experience transitions? How do we learn from them?
• How do we theorize transitional processes? How do we...

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Exploring Rhythmanalysis as a Method - TRC Lab 2024 Research Symposium Series

Dec 18, 2023

Following the 2023 Research Symposium Series on "Spaces, Times & the Rhythms of Adult Education", the 2024 TRC Lab Research Symposium Series will focus on the methodological potential of Rhythmanalysis. Both as an object of inquiry and as an interpretive lens, rhythm can offer untapped spaces for experimentation in human sciences but equally raises methodological dilemmas, especially at the stage of operationalization. In this series of webinars, we would like to explore methods, research designs, and clinical orientations, developed from, or inspired by Lefebvre's (1992/2004) undertheorized insights on rhythm. Hence we have invited 7 scholars from Brazil, Italy, Switzerland and the United Kingdom, who have worked with Rhythmanalysis in their respective fields or across disciplines, to share their experiences and foster debate around its affordances and limitations from a methodological perspective.

The seminars are also designed to enable a collective reflection on the...

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Research Symposium Series - Spaces, Times & the Rhythms of Adult Education

Dec 02, 2022

Spaces, Times & the Rhythms of Adult Education is a new research symposium series hosted by Dr. Michel Alhadeff-Jones, Dr. Fadia Dakka, and Dr. Gaia Del Negro at the Sunkhronos Institute, running from January to June 2023 online. Eleven researchers from seven countries (Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Switzerland, United Kingdom) will share and discuss with the audience their research and experiences about spatial, temporal and rhythmic dimensions in education. The series aims at gathering a community of researchers, graduate students and practitioners from different linguistic, cultural and geographic areas, to join in an academic and practice-based conversation. Presentations will be made either in English or French, with live transcripts. The series will thus contribute to the advance of the TRC Lab agenda of research and foster the study of rhythmic intelligence and its modalities of development.

Registration is free and open to everyone at this link: ...

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Free Site-specific Environmental Dance on June 15, 2019 in Geneva

May 27, 2019

[Informations en français plus bas]

This year the Sunkhronos Institute is proud to participate to the organization of the first Global Water Dances - Geneva.

This event will be held on June 15th 2019, from 14h00 to 16h00 at La Perle du Lac (on the pier, in front of the restaurant).

Three free workshops will be organized starting at 14h00 for adolescents, adults, and families.

The performance will start at 15h00.

Please contact Natasha Alhadeff-Jones (n.alhadeff-jones[at]sunkhronos[dot]org) for more information about this event.

Please click on the images below for the flyer and program.

For more information about Global Water Dances: 

All are welcome!

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Now available in Paperback: "Time and the Rhythms of Emancipatory Education"

Jan 31, 2019

Since it was published in 2017, Michel Alhadeff-Jones' book Time and the Rhythms of Emancipatory Education encountered a lot of interest (16 reviews have already been published in academic journals and additional reviews are in the pipeline; some extracts are available here). We are therefore very happy to announce that it was published six months ahead of the regular schedule in paperback version. The book is now available in three formats: Paperback, hardback, and ebook. It can be ordered through the publisher's website (Routledge).

Michel's research on the temporalities and the rhythms of education is at the core of his contribution to the TRC Lab and it frames some of his coaching work at the Institute. If you are interested to learn more about this publication and Michel's research, feel free to contact us.

* * *

About the book:

Time and the Rhythms of Emancipatory Education. Rethinking the temporal complexity of self and...

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