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Spaces & Times of Transitions - STREAM Network 2024 Research Symposium Series

Dec 18, 2023

The Sunkhronos Institute is proud to support the upcoming ESREA STREAM Network 2024 Research Symposium Series. This series of webinars will focus on the theme of transitions.

In this first STREAM Network webinars series, Michel Alhadeff-Jones, Fadia Dakka and Sabine Schmidt-Lauff, invite scholars from a broad range of disciplines to address transitional phenomena by mobilizing the conceptual nuance and richness encapsulated in related notions, such as “liminality”, "life course", “transgression”, "professional development", “virtualization”, “hybridity” and “dissipation”. These, in turn, will serve as entry points to articulate, debate and question how individuals and communities experience transitions. The seminars will be guided by (but not limited to) questions such as:

• How do we experience transitions? How do we learn from them?
• How do we theorize transitional processes? How do we...

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