We design and organize online courses, webinars, and workshops, as well as conferences and retreats, to share the knowledge produced and the methods used by our three research labs.

Our training flows

The Sunkhronos Institute is currently developing online courses in order to provide innovative, and even pioneer, training opportunities. Do not hesitate to subscribe to our mailing list to learn more about upcoming offers.

Academic workflows

Learning to orientate oneself among the diversity of knowledge available, privileging transdisciplinary approaches, reinforcing one's position as a researcher, learning to use new research tools, all of that requires an ongoing process of personal and professional development. This is the reason why the Sunkhronos Institute proposes training opportunities that articulate the human, intellectual and technical dimensions of the academic workflow.

Biographical approaches & coaching

The use of biographical and narrative approaches in education, coaching and research constitutes a critical and innovative contribution. The Sunkhronos Institute provides professionals with training opportunities in order to help them acquire the principles, the knowledge and the tools that ground such approaches.

Rhythmanalytical approaches & rhythmic intelligence

The development of research focusing on the study and the interpretation of lived rhythms constitutes a new turn in the evolution of contemporary sciences. The Sunkhronos Institute is poised to contribute to the development of this area of expertise by providing training sessions focusing on its application in practical settings, especially as they relate to human oriented practices.

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