Project funded by the British Academy: The Times of a Just Transition

Since January 2023, Dr. Michel Alhadeff-Jones (TRC Lab) is a member of the Global Convening Programme "The Times of  Just Transition" funded by the British Academy, in partnership with the University fo Bristol (UK). The aim of this interdisciplinary programme is to explore the role of temporal frames in enabling and impeding democratic and equitable transitions towards sustainable futures.

This programme brings together scholars from six continents and 14 disciplines to transform our understanding of the role of time and timing in producing justice and injustice in sustainability transitions.

Working in highly diverse local sustainability struggles relating to land, cities, identities and the imagination - they explore how temporal frames and narratives are being (mis)used to define climate problems and solutions, how timing mechanisms prioritise, coordinate and exclude different actors and ways of life, how different rhythms of life are being aligned or alienated, and how uses of time as a form of invisible power are structuring the possibilities for justice for communities in the Global South and marginalised North.

Increased awareness and understanding of these timing mechanisms will expand our political and civic capacities to detect sources of misalignment and miscommunication, lay new foundations for dialogue across difference, and open-up the possibility of a pluriversal politics.

Through the funding of this programme (2023-2025), Dr. Alhadeff-Jones in collaboration with Dr. Del Negro and the TRC Lab will pursue a research project titled "Learning to sustain emancipatory rhythms through social and environmental transitions". More information about this project will be published soon. If you are interested in this initiative, feel free to contact us.


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