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Exploring Rhythmanalysis as a Method - TRC Lab 2024 Research Symposium Series

Dec 18, 2023

Following the 2023 Research Symposium Series on "Spaces, Times & the Rhythms of Adult Education", the 2024 TRC Lab Research Symposium Series will focus on the methodological potential of Rhythmanalysis. Both as an object of inquiry and as an interpretive lens, rhythm can offer untapped spaces for experimentation in human sciences but equally raises methodological dilemmas, especially at the stage of operationalization. In this series of webinars, we would like to explore methods, research designs, and clinical orientations, developed from, or inspired by Lefebvre's (1992/2004) undertheorized insights on rhythm. Hence we have invited 7 scholars from Brazil, Italy, Switzerland and the United Kingdom, who have worked with Rhythmanalysis in their respective fields or across disciplines, to share their experiences and foster debate around its affordances and limitations from a methodological perspective.

The seminars are also designed to enable a collective reflection on the...

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Penser l’accompagnement dans la durée: Une question de rythme?

Apr 11, 2023

Nous avons le plaisir d’annoncer l'ouverture des inscriptions pour la deuxième Journée d’Etudes sur les Processus d’Accompagnement et de Transformation (JEPAT), organisée en collaboration avec le Service de la formation continue de l’Université de Fribourg.

Cette journée se tiendra le jeudi 14 septembre 2023 (9h15-17h00) et elle portera sur le thème «Penser l’accompagnement dans la durée: Une question de rythme?» Elle proposera à des professionnel·le·s et des intervenant·e·s, issu·e·s d’horizons institutionnels et disciplinaires variés, de réfléchir sur les temporalités longues dans lesquelles s’inscrivent les démarches d’accompagnement et les moyens de réguler les rythmes qui permettent de concilier l’urgence du quotidien et le long terme.

Les JEPAT ont pour vocation de...

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Project funded by the British Academy: The Times of a Just Transition

Mar 20, 2023

Since January 2023, Dr. Michel Alhadeff-Jones (TRC Lab) is a member of the Global Convening Programme "The Times of  Just Transition" funded by the British Academy, in partnership with the University fo Bristol (UK). The aim of this interdisciplinary programme is to explore the role of temporal frames in enabling and impeding democratic and equitable transitions towards sustainable futures.

This programme brings together scholars from six continents and 14 disciplines to transform our understanding of the role of time and timing in producing justice and injustice in sustainability transitions.

Working in highly diverse local sustainability struggles relating to land, cities, identities and the imagination - they explore how temporal frames and narratives are being (mis)used to define climate problems and solutions, how timing mechanisms prioritise, coordinate and exclude different actors and ways of life, how different rhythms of life are being...

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