We assist and support our clients in their activities and through their personal and professional development, in order to help them sustain the transformations they are committed to.

Our coaching services

Biographical coaching

Biographical coaching brings adults to reinterpret individually or in group their life history in order to better understand specific aspects of their experience, such as how they relate to education, health, power, their capacity to make choices, etc. This approach opens up the possibility to identify, question and challenge one's assumptions in order to better understand what motivates or prevents transformational opportunities. Through dialogue and critical self-reflection, as well as the writing and reinterpretation of an autobiographical narrative, biographical coaching provides participants with a powerful approach to experience transformative learning.

Research coaching

Conducting scientific research is both an academic activity and a process of self-development through which individuals and communities grow. Research coaching brings graduate and post-doctoral students, as well as early-career and seasoned scholars, to individually or collectively reflect on the efficiency of their workflow, the meanings of their scientific practice and the value of their accomplishments. Its aim is to help researchers find balance in their work, sustain creative and critical reflection, position themselves strategically in their field, and nurture relationships within their community.

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