The Sunkhronos Institute is powered by three
research labs that study transformative processes
through innovative lenses.

Our domains of expertise

Movement and Artistic Processes with/in Space (MAPS Lab)

We take space for granted. However, engaging in art in space not only teaches us about those spaces, but about ourselves and our creative potential and critical capacity. The mission of the MAPS Lab is to study those phenomena and raise awareness about natural and artificial spaces by providing and promoting movement experiences that are creative and transformative.

Processes of Change and Human Development (ProCHD Lab)

The mission of the ProCHD Lab is to study the complexity of change processes, and the dynamics of human development they are parts of. Its aim is also to promote the sharing of knowledge, as well as training and intervention practices that facilitate transformation at the individual and collective levels.

Temporalities, Rhythms and Complexity (TRC Lab)

The mission of the TRC Lab is to develop and promote a better understanding of the different temporalities which pace and constrain individual and collective lives. Its aim is also to develop new methods of action and training that may facilitate the recognition, the organization and the transformation of the rhythms that shape one's existence, in the everyday life and in a long-term perspective.

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